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How  Long Does Rejuvenator Take to Dry?

What is Rejuvenator? 

Alligatored asphalt is asphalt that has areas of cracks spread throughout it. The phrase comes from the fact that the area resembles alligator scales. We have multiple options to combat this process of deterioration. Check out our infrared repair system for more information on our newest system for asphalt repairs. 

We recommend Rejuvenating your asphalt every 4-6 years but often times customers choose to Rejuvenate every 3-5 years to maintain a more fresh look to their asphalt. This schedule of Rejuvenating all depends on the type of weather your area receives and also on the amount of traffic your asphalt receives. 

CPR Rejuvenator

Compared to asphalt replacement, Rejuvenator can be applied for pennies on the dollar. When compared to sealcoating your asphalt the price is nearly identical. Contact us for a free estimate and see how we can save you money. 

What is Sealcoating?

Can You Repair Concrete?

Sealcoating is a classic method of asphalt maintenance. It is the application of Sealmaster Polymer Modified Coal Tar Sealer onto existing asphalt. If you have sealcoated your parking lot recently this is the option for you. However, if you have never treated your asphalt or it has been years since you have sealcoated, check out our Rejuvenator. 

I Have a Custom Logo, Can You Put it on My Pavement?

Rejuvenating your asphalt is the ultimate way of protecting it. Whether it be from environmental deterioration or chemical damage from leaking vehicles. Not only will Rejuvenating your asphalt prolong and protect it, your asphalt will look young again. Unlike a traditional resurfacing,  like sealcoating, Rejuvenating will not "smooth" the surface and cover up cracks. Rejuvenator will sink down into the cracks, strenghtening the asphalt from within and preventing further cracking. However, if you have recently sealcoated your asphalt, rejuvenator won't be effective until the majority of the sealcoat has worn off.  And not to mention, it is the most eco-friendly product we offer. 

We can create a stencil for any logo and use it to mark your pavement with the logo. We can also create custom stencils for labeling parking areas or anything else you may have on your pavement. Not only can this improve the safety of your parking lot it also is visually appealing. 

What is Alligatored Asphalt?

We use our Surface Restore to overlay the existing, failing or spalling concrete. The Surface Restore bonds to the existing concrete and creates a stronger more visually appealing concrete. The product is environmentally friendly and also reduces the surface temperature of the concrete. 

How Often Should I Rejuvenate My Asphalt?

How Does the Price Compare to Other Options?

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

As with most of our services, it all depends on the weather. In ideal conditions, 24 hours is all you need to wait before allowing vehicles onto the asphalt after applying Rejuvenator. You can typically walk on the asphalt after 1-2 hours. Shaded areas may take longer than this to totally dry.  After the Rejuvenator is applied it only takes 30 minutes before the asphalt can protect itself from the rain.