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Using our infrared asphalt heater and asphalt hot box trailer we can fully restore a pothole or damaged asphalt area in minutes. This allows us to repair large damaged areas or areas inundated with potholes quickly and efficiently. Areas that would have been closed for days in the past can now be fully restored and usable in hours. 

Pothole and Asphalt repair has never been easier.

In Place Asphalt Repair & Recycling

In Place Asphalt Repair & Recycling is a quick and effective solution to damaged asphalt areas in need of immediate attention. We use intense infrared heat to soften the asphalt and then we "rework" the softened asphalt to spread it out. We then add bonding oils along with our Rejuvenator product. Then we add new asphalt into the original asphalt to bring it level with the rest of the asphalt. This process results in a seamless, jointless repair that is as durable as new. This is also an effective measure to take if you have oil spots or other automotive fluids on your asphalt. 

After I.P.A.R.R.

Before I.P.A.R.R.